Spangler Animal Clinic - Caring For Your Pets For Over 40 Years
My name is Nan Gibson, I was the Veterinary Technician.I am now more the Practice Manager.  I also help out up front in the reception area and in surgery when Dr. Spangler needs assistance. I have been working for Dr. Spangler since October 1987. He has provided superior care for all my pets over the years. As you can imagine,I have had many pets.
I love my job. Whether I am greeting clients & answering the phone or assisting Dr. Spangler with surgery, I enjoy my job. I love hearing stories about client's pets.
I have three dogs:Belle, Cassie, and Rip. Belle and Rip are Australian Cattle dogs. Cassie is a Australian Shepherd Mix. All of my dogs are extremely HIGH energy. Belle loves to jump high into the air and catch the frisbee. Cassie prefers to fetch the ball. Rip loves the water. At any point during playtime, he might jump into the kiddie pool. What I call the Kiddie pool is actually a 250 gallon tank filled with water. What Rip does after getting in the tank is unexplainable. You would have to be there to believe. Rip also enjoys jumping up to get the bird feeders that are hung high above his head in the trees. That does not deter such a young male ACD.
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